The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#10 – San Antonio Spurs

I don’t actually believe there are cool sports logos. The best ones are irrelevant. The worst ones look like they were drawn by a depressed, potentially violent, artistically incapable six-year-old. But, as far as logos go, the Spurs have done alright.

Some claim that using the spur to form the “u” is awkward and uninventive. But when I look at that spur, I don’t see the uninspired labor of a marketing intern: I see a thoughtful statement on the relationship between mimetic rationality, semiotics and sport.

And let’s be honest: they’re helped out by the fact that, no matter how you combine them, black and white can only look so tacky.

Personally, I much preferred our fiesta colors logo. The Alamodome used to look like the color fairy took a giant shit at halfcourt. It captured the kind of brazen campiness that was only possible during the 90s.

Graydon Gordian writes about the Spurs at 48 Minutes of Hell, the San Antonio affiliate blog of ESPN’s TrueHoop Network, and contributes his thoughts on leaguewide issues at Hardwood Paroxysm.

spurs logo

Remember that one All-Star Game in the Alamodome during the heydey of the Spurs fiesta-colors era where they wore those hideous uniforms with the peppers on them? That was awesome.

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#10 – San Antonio Spurs”

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