The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#12 – Philadelphia 76ers

I don’t have a long history with the logo of the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers. In fact, if you asked me what it was today, I’d have to do a Google search, and I would use Google to do that, and then I would know the answer to my question about the logo.

Before I do that search, let me tell you one thing — I feel that Allen Iverson’s 2001 trip to the NBA Finals is forever tainted because of the logo the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers had at that time. It was, if I remember, the big, swooshy-ball, overly-drawn thing that was all part of that trend — the one where the Pistons had an angry, teal horsey on their jerseys.

I like to lift weights.

Here’s the thing — the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers had one of the classically simple looks back in Dr. J’s early-80s days. It said, in that basic “sports-stitching font,” these exact and undeniable words:

“Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers”

Then on the back, it would have the player’s full name and their phone number in case they wanted to get some girlfriends to have fun with at dancing parties.

Anyway, time to hit Google for my hard work. brb.

Yeah, I have no idea — the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers website says they’re using some amalgamated version of the graphical thing, but they have their old-school retro logo on the page header of their basketball team website. [Ed note: They are indeed using the old one again now.]

What do you think about the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers logo on a scale of one to ten, with 10 being, “it’s okay,” 1 being, “I like it,” and 5 being, “it’s great.”

Also, when was the last time you were on an airplane ride and why.

Brian Spaeth is the former writer of YAYsports! NBA, and the star and writer of Who Shot Mamba?, a broadband motion picture debuting October 13 on He is also the author of two novels, including the epic Prelude to a Super Airplane. He no longer uses question marks.

76ers logo

The Hawks could learn a lot about admitting a collossal mistake and embracing retro from the Sixers.

36 thoughts on “The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#12 – Philadelphia 76ers”

  1. I dunno, but remember how Maurice Cheeks was living in Europe so like his jersey had that +1 001 thing in front – it was hilarious because they had to make the numbers so small to fit on the basketball jersey.

  2. I like the fact that they only represent the original 13 colonies in their logo as well with the star tribute. It basically is telling anyone west of Philadelphia that they don’t matter. Yeah, they’re talking about you, Iowa!

  3. This is the problem with a nickname of something that doesn’t actually exist… you run the risk of failing to anthropomorphize it (google THAT!).

    What the hell is a 76’er? I’ll bet it looks a lot like that old Knickerbocker. If you’re not going to go that route, then I guess something simple, red white & blue, and a basketball will suffice.

    The fact that this is #12 shows just how sucky other logos are.

  4. My dad was a disco fiend, which via a number of indirect cultural influences means I actually really like the Sixers’ logo, and might put it a few spots higher.

    I took a flight last Wednesday, from Chicago to New York LGA. I was on my way to see my special lady friend.

  5. Is it bad that I’m nostalgic for the black sixers uniforms of the Iverson prime? Is it bad that I think this logo, although kinda cool, just seems like a half-assed ABA imitation? Probably. Oh well.

  6. Hmmmm having their full name and telephone numbers on display for women to see????? This gives me an idea! Great job Brian and thanks for all of the prank calls I am about to get when I display my full name and phone number on the back of my shirt.

  7. Because I also lift so many heavy weights, I try not to wear shirts very often. The girls often cry if I wear them, you see. So the number on the jersey thing, which was something I really wanted to do, was kind of a catch-22. (It’s a book. Read it.) Thus, I just went Supercoolbeas style with my number and inked it across my shoulder blades. I did it myself with a mirror, so I’m biased, but I hafta say it looks pretty good.

    Call me, ladies.

  8. The logo itself works well during any firework-related holiday, so that’s a plus. I’m also intrigued by the rebellious undertones of the logo as it is clearly a reference to Bacon’s Rebellion of 1676 where a bunch of folks tried to take land from the good tobacco farmers of Virginia who subsequently fought back, contributed to the founding of the ABA, IRS, MLA, CIA, KGB, WKRP, helped the Wright Brothers fly from Kitty Hawk to Las Vegas, and added Reagan’s mole to his profile on Mt. Rushmore.*

    All things considered, I guess the logo gets a 3.

    *the information contained herein may or may not have been pieced together from the bottom flaps Kellogg’s Corn Flake boxes.

  9. coincidentally, the last time I was on an airplane was in philladelphia where I got to enjoy the sights & sounds of the Philly airport runway for almost 2 hours. compared to that experience, this logo is pretty great.

  10. The last time I was on an airplane was over 7 years ago to go to Mexico and I was pregnant so I didn’t get sloshed once I got there, even though all these Mexicans kept coming up to me with different flavors of tequila (I wasn’t showing yet) and those flavors sounded good but I did go snorkeling and it was effing awesome because the water was really deep and really clear and it felt like you were an airplane flying over some very colorful alien city with fish that went bloop bloop and wanted to nibble at your feet cheese when you weren’t looking at them.

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