Supercool Beas and Back Tats

I’m not really up with the tattooing trends of today, but it’s beginning to seem that “giving yourself a tagline across your shoulder blades where your name would go on a jersey” is the new “giving yourself a tagline across your stomach like Pac and Nas.”

Logistically, it makes sense. There’s more space, so you have a few more characters to work with.

Michael Beasley is the lastest addition to the club and his is particularly interesting in that he paid homage to the Nas’ “God’s Son” belly tat but relocated the words to a trapezius canvas. (via Red’s Army)


Much like Tupac’s “Thug Life” piece (and, later, Nas’ “God Son”) popularized the stomach tat trend, 50’s “South Side” (of Jamaica, Queens) piece probably helped spur this new phenomenon.

50 cent tattoo

LeBron probably has the most famous one (via Slam). Unrelatedly, I saw the theatrical trailer for More Than a Game, the upcoming documentary about his Akron, Ohio, high school basketball team, last night prior to The Hurt Locker (which was excellent). It looks really, really good.

lebron chosen 1

Meanwhile, Bron’s “arch-rival” Deshawn Stevenson got one of his own. (via DC Sports Bog)


This isn’t a real tattoo, but Sideshow Varejao poked some fun at his teammate one day during practice. (via Shaver Sports)

varejao chosen 2

Jameer Nelson has embraced his inner Tupac.

jameer nelson tattoo

Brendon Jennings is similarly repping a Lil Wayne slogan.

brandon jennings tattoo 2

Vince Young isn’t in the NBA, but he does have his name on his back.

vince young tattoo

Some Chinese Olympic badminton player named Cai Yun is the “Face of Adversity.”

chinese olympics tattoo

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