The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#26 – Los Angeles Clippers

Two silver linings for the Clips despite being ranked #26: (1) This is the highest they’ve been ranked in pretty much any category ever (wocka, wocka, wocka), and (2) their logo is perfect for their franchise.

I had somehow never realized this previously, but the Clippers logo is essentially a rough draft sketch of the Lakers logo, which has remained nearly unchanged since the team moved from Minneapolis to LA. Right down to the third-grade-quality motion lines and overly serifed lettering, the Clippers may as well have just taken the Lakers logo and photocopied it on a Xerox machine that could only print primary colors. And, really, can you blame them? Toner is expensive.

Since the Clippers are the Los Angeles JV team, it is fitting that they would have a JV logo.

One other great feature of this phoned-in attempt to represent the team is that they seemingly misdrew the laces, which is a pretty stunning feat considering how simple the construction of a basketball is. Maybe I’m just dumb and missing something here, but it appears as though there are two laces on the top left arcing down behind the team name, yet a mysterious third lace re-emerges on the bottom half of the ball. It looks like they originally traced the left-most lace down but later realized they had the wrong arc, so they corrected it — but then they forgot to erase the mistake and just printed it anyway.

Please do let me know if I’m missing something here. But in the meantime, maybe just go with a schooner next time and save all the complicated circle-pattern work for those of us who passed Spirograph class.

Clippers Logo

One of these things is a lot like the other.

3 thoughts on “The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#26 – Los Angeles Clippers”

  1. The Clippers logo is a perfect representation of what you’ll usually get from the team on any given night.

    I’m glad Donald Sterling is too cheap to put together an updated logo – I don’t even want to imagine how painful a “fierce” schooner might look.

  2. So by default of your saying that they have 3rd grade motion lines cause they’re a JV team, that means that CMU is a JV team to the rest of the state of Michigan, right?

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