The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#29 – Washington Wizards

It’s pretty hard to believe that Washington is serious about this logo. It must be an internal practical joke that a group of underpaid designers pulled on the front office somehow. This wizard looks like the pitchman for a 1980s kids cereal. And I’m not talking about some boss character like Frankenberry or Captain Crunch. I’m talking about some generic Honeycomb knockoff cartoon that wasn’t even shilling cereal in a box. This wizard looks like someone who would be on the front of that plastic bag brand on bottom shelf waiting for your mother to come buy. Because she was poor.

This has to be the most half-assed logo in all of professional sports. I have to believe that if someone in creative showed up to a Canadian Football League team CEO’s desk with this image mocked up as a candidate for the Winnepeg Wizards new logo and said “Whaddya think?” the guy would spit in his eye.

Then the designer would be all, “Wait, wait. Hold on just one minute, sir. Maybe you didn’t notice the clever way I incorporated the W — you know, like ‘W’ for ‘wizard’ — into the guy’s torso by giving him a long white beard. It’s sorta like the subtle arrow in the FedEx logo. Pretty cool, right? Also, did you see that he’s both holding a basketball and jumping over a crescent moon that has basketball laces on it for some reason? Plus, he’s holding a mine from minesweeper in his other hand. I’m really talented, I know.”

Then the designer would get fired.

And that’s Canada.

Wizards Logo

The logo representing our nation’s capital will be coming soon to a Piggly Wiggly near you.

11 thoughts on “The NBA Logo Ranking Project:
#29 – Washington Wizards”

  1. I dunno about Muslim, he’s a Grand Wizard after all. That’s the Jammin’ Klansman logo.

    Personally, if we couldn’t keep the Bullets, I wanted the name change to tag the team the Washington Justice. C’mon, the Justice. Who can’t root for justice?

    Bring down the hammer of justice. Supreme Court. Headline writers would get giddy on the possibilities. But that might be just me.

  2. Bet they’re glad the Sonics became the Thunder and designed their current logo, thus displacing the Wiz (IMHO) in both worst logo and worst name in the league. Barely.

    At least with the Thunder logo, it’s horribly generic and bland, but seems professionally designed. Possibly by the least creative pro around, but still a pro. The Wizards logo … designed by the front office receptionist? Her 12-year-old daughter?

  3. Winnipeg, not Winnepeg 🙂

    And if the CFL’s Blue Bombers a) changed their name to the Wizards and b) adopted this logo, they’d be the laughingstock of the league. Umm,…even moreso.

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