Some Recent Stuff

Since it’s summer and I’m busy getting caught up in life, here’s a rundown of a few recent NBA things that you really ought to check out.

Tis all for now. I’ll be back with something less lazy in due time but, for now, do your homework and click on all those links. And get that oil, son.

  • UPDATE: [Disclaimer: I realize the following sentence probably makes me sound like a douchebag.] I’ve always heard that Toronto is the most diverse city in the world, but living in New York, it’s sort of hard to believe that that’s actually true. Regardless, the status of Toronto as a truly international city is undeniable. And Pardeep Toor has written a phenomenal column on how the Raptors are designing their roster in the mold of their city and how this concept similarly worked for the Pistons. Those building the Brawl-era Pacers and JailBlazers, however, failed to account for local culture and paid the price. This is probably the best article on this list. Go read it now.