LeBron Plays One-On-One with Jay-Z

Oh, LeBron, why must you torture your Cleveland fans so?

The Young King is sure to re-elicit the LeBron-to-Brooklyn/NJ scuttlebutt as he’s back hanging/saluting with Young Hov again, this time in Jay-Z’s just-released video for his much-needed and hopefully much-effective track “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).” Bonus points go to S. Dot for playing cards with Harvey Keitel in a restaurant kitchen back-room and dropping the line “I know we facing a recession but the music yall making gonna make it the Great Depression.” That right there pretty much sums up the past eighteen months of mainstream rap.

Obviously, people are going to take this comparison the wrong way, but this pairing is pretty much the 2009 cultural equivalent of the MJ/MJ collabo “Jam,” which we were just talking about the other day. Although, let’s hope Jay has a better jumper than Michael Jackson did. (Props to @HarleyBlock for the find.)