Time to Change Your Number Again, Kobe

After a one year hiatus during which I presume many the mustard stain and gasoline fight ruined the remaining #8 Kobe jerseys out there, everyone’s favorite Black Mamba has regained his status as the number one jersey seller in our fine Association.

People in Boston enjoy spending all their disposable income on sports and sports-related paraphenalia so KG ranked first last season, but he has since dropped to #4. Here’s the full top five.

#1 – Kobe
#2 – LeBron
#3 – CP3
#4 – KG
#5 – AI

Yes, that Allen Iverson. In other news:

The Lakers topped the list of most popular team merchandise for the sixth time in seven years. The Celtics, who bumped them out last season, dropped to No. 2, followed by New York, Cleveland and Chicago.

Exciting news day around here, I know.

"Hey Mr. Buss, did we retire #4 yet?"
"Hey Mr. Buss, did we retire #4 yet?"