The Lakers Are Fetching

What’s up with crazy chicks stalking Laker players? Earlier this year it was Luke. And now it’s Derek Fisher, who recently had to get a restraining order against a lady who has legally changed her last name to Fisher and allegedly gone to great lengths to convince a man she’s never actually met that God wants them to be together. (via Hooped Up)

According to court papers, Fisher claims:

“Her repeated attempts to contact me, her delusional notions that we are married, her angry and hostile tirades against me, her appearance at my place of work and her recent travels near and around my place of residence are all extremely frightening to me,” Derek Fisher wrote.

No word yet on whether the Jazz fans have started a petition to make this woman the new team mascot. But stay tuned; I’m sure it’s forthcoming.

Meanwhile, let’s just hope Dwyane doesn’t think of this whole restraining order thing. I am so your cousin, dammit, and you will give me some money just like the ghost of our Grandma promised the Ninja Turtles you would.

Nana would never lie to the world's most fearsome fighting team.
Nana would never lie to the world's most fearsome fighting team.

2 thoughts on “The Lakers Are Fetching”

  1. My favorite part is that she’s showing up to his place of work. Here’s the quote I expect to see from him:

    “I mean, she’s at EVERY game. It’s like she bought some package of tickets dispersed out over the same season in the same seat and just keeps showing up. She’s insane.”

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