The world is currently all a flutter talking about the elbow Dwight Howard threw at Samuel Dalembert in the first quarter of the Magic’s fairly easy victory over the Sixers last night. As is the case with most all of these types of things, I don’t really have much of take on the matter other than having a general sense of melancholy surrounding the continual pussification of the NBA and, not so coincidentally, society at large.

Fortunately for yall, however, Superman himself does have an opinion and he wrote it down at some point between last night and right now on his website: (via @brianspaeth and @JonesOnTheNBA)

I sure hope there isn’t a suspension after what happened between me and Sam Dalembert in the first quarter of Tuesday’s game. It isn’t like I’m out there trying to hurt anybody. I think everybody knows how I play basketball. I’m just out there trying to win. That’s got to be taken into consideration.

I think when the league looks at the total picture of what’s happened throughout this series that they will understand it’s a physical game down in the paint. Really, it’s been a dogfight down there the whole series. All I can do now is hope for the best, but I think it will be all good.

Philly big man Reggie Evans even came up to me at the end of the game and said he was going to ask his G.M. to not go to the league about trying to get me suspended. I appreciate that from Reggie. Hopefully it will all work out for the best and I’ll be out there ballin’ for Game 6 on Thursday in Philly.

Personally, my only response would of been: “Cadillac grills / Cadillac bills / Check out the oil my Cadillac spills / Matta fact, candy-paint Cadillacs kill / So check out the hoes my Cadillac fills.” Then again, we should remember that Dwight doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree in journalism like myself, so we should probably forgive his inarticulatednessability.

Meanwhile, the real story from this game should be that Dwight got his Moses Malone on last night to the tune of 24 points and 24 boards. I honestly don’t think Orlando has any real shot at knocking off LeBron’s squad, but I’m definitely excited to (hopefully) watch the two most insane athletes on planet Earth square off in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Also…Here’s video of the incident for those that missed it, along with a link to the Talk Hoops game recap from whence I got it that you should read.

UPDATE: Supes got suspended.

NEW YORK — Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard has been suspended one game without pay for elbowing Philadelphia 76ers center Samuel Dalembert in the head, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.

The incident occurred with 9:15 remaining in the first period of Orlando’s 91-78 victory over the 76ers in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference First Round at Amway Arena last night.

Howard will serve his suspension tomorrow night when the Magic faces the 76ers in Game 6 at Wachovia Center.

Not only is this likely to excite rapid ferocity among the NBA communities in both Philly and Orlando, but we’ll also get to listen to all the fervor about the non-suspension for the Rondo foul on Brad Miller out of Boston and Chicago. Sounds like productive conversation. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Yay.