LeBron: “Fifty Grand I Get This on One Take”

Much like his big homie Jay-Z, LeBron doesn’t like to waste time. He always makes sure he does things right the first time.

For example, here he is chilling on a basketball court with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes for a special piece the show is doing on the soon-to-be MVP. And in the middle of a discussion about whether or not Bron thinks that he has yet reached his peak, he casually drills a 65-foot, underhand shot.

Luckily, the 60 Minutes cameraman was on it and captured the entire flight of the incredible shot. “How many times can you do that in a row? asks a dazzled Kroft. “I’m one take, baby, that’s all. I’m just one take,” smirks James.

Way better than any of that, however, is his explanation of 60 Minutes.

Apparently, LeBron didn’t really understand how influential and wide-reaching Sports Illustrated was back when he graced the magazine’s cover as a high school junior in February 2002. He thought is was “just another sports magazine.” Aside from the fact that this admittance probably reveals a little bit about the bubble that LeBron lived in as a high school prodigy, it also quickly made the interviewer wonder if LeBron, now seven years older and wiser, realizes that 60 Minutes is kind of a big deal.

With a twinkle in his eye, Kroft asks, “Do you know what 60 Minutes is?” “Yeah,” replies James, who then waits for effect, “It’s an hour, right?”

I must have missed the twinkle, but I’ll take your word for it Mr. CBS Online Synopsis Writer.