Brackets, Brackets, Brackets & More Brackets

Since we’re kicking off week two of March Madness tonight, it seems an apt time to mention that everyone and their moms have a bracket-styled contest in which you can witness the wonders of Web 2.0 first hand by voting on some arbitrary matchups.

Ball Don’t Lie is rocking its NBA Bedlam Tournament, which has thus far featured inspiring contests like “Spurs Beards vs. Luis Scola’s Hair,” “Baller-in-Chief [Obama] vs. Marbury’s Head Tattoo” and “Inside the NBA vs. NBA TV Gametime.” The fact that both Steph and GP/CWebb are both not only losing but getting blown out like Chattanooga just further proves my theory that I’m watching an entirely different NBA than most people who may theoretically be reading this sentence.

Zoner Sports has it’s own version of Madness going on, and this one actually includes me somehow. Their “Best Sports Blog Names Tourney” features an array of well-known sports sites like Kissing Suzy Kolber, The Sports Hernia and Mr. Irrelevent in addition to the Both Teamsters Union’s own Both Teams Played Hard. Despite the #12 seed I was given, we mounted a first-round upset over some site called “Pittsburgh Sports and Mini-Ponies” and now look poised to take down #2 seed “Five Ounces of Pain” to advance yet again. Thanks for the votes, voters. I play solely for stats not championships, so I can’t say I really care all that much about winning this thing. But for poetry’s sake, it would be kind of dope to see an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Sheedtastic Supremacy in the Final Four, pinning me against Ball Don’t Lie. And, yes, if that does occur, I will guaranSheed victory. Vote early and vote often, Both Teamsters.

In vagina-ier news, has its “Dance Team Bracket,” where you can vote on which NBA franchise has the best team of future strippers dancers. (via Heels on Hardwood)

Conversely, our girl ticktock6 over at Hornet’s Hype is running the “First Annual NBA Hot Baller Tournament,” where I presume the ladies and the gays can debate beefcake matchups like Popeye Jones vs. Tyronne Hill.

I think we all know who would walk away with the Belt of Sheedtastic Supremacy.

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  1. I think that the ncaa idea would be awesome. But you sohuld have the right to play as a player from outside the u.s. and encourage fiba play in the career mode. Also you sohuld be able to have mini camps and when you become a star host mini camps of your own. Also you sohuld have interviews, and not just interviews interviews in different locations ( house, locker room, that ESPN room that ESPN does its interviews. Then you need to have ego meters. Which is basically a meter that determines your rep in the league. And is determined by your actions on and off the court. If your answer selfishly in your interviews and are playing the same way you will be considered a selfish player and have more skill points in games as a bonus. If your a team player and answer unselfishly you will have more team chemistry and marketability. And if you do things unethical like foul a lot and answer the interviewers with crazy answers. You sohuld have a bad boy who with bonuses such as the ability to hard foul and have weird tattoos and apperances. ( hair cuts, hair colors and designs, etc.) Other qualities could be flashy, humble, clutch , hype man ( the ability to be a complimentary star player) super star stopper ( the ability to shut down elite offensive players like kobe and k.d and lending and d wade.) These are just some ideas. Also they need to be able to have rival players and ally players. Players who you run into frequently and maybe diss in interviews. And this is how this would work. If you create a rival with a player. Whenever you two are on the court ESPN will mention the rival and compare stats. And they will be following the story throughout the game. At the end the interview maybe be about how well you played and what the other guy had said about you. You can wither fire back with and increase the tension between the rivalry or squash the beef. If you keep the rivalry going. It will escalate to the point were if you sign on the same team the rival won’t cooperate with you. If your an ally the exact opposite may happen you can convince the ally to join your team when there a free agent and even may get a duo trio quad and or even a starting line up nickname ( I.e. Boston 3 party, Miami 3eat, etc.) If you guys add anyone of these ideas 2k will have to take a year break to get things right.

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