Baron Davis Wants a Nickname for Steve Novak

Boom Dizzle and Steve Novak shared a big ol bearhug of jubilation after the former Marquette sharpshooter and current NBA unknown hit a walk-off three to beat the Nets on Sunday night. And yesterday, he wrote about it on his Yardbarker blog “The Crossover.”

The boy Novak was on fire last night it was only right that he hit the game winner… I bet when I took this picture of him in denver he didn’t think he would be hitting the game winner saturday…

Said photo is below. But more importantly, Beardy wants your help coming up with a new nickname for Steve.

LOL. Just heard Lawlers call from last night… Novak for the win…. BIIIIIIIINNNNGOOOO!!! Clippers Win!!! I might have to start a best Lawler 3pt call on ibeatyou… Classic… BTW… Why does DJ look so mean in this picture… Whats a cool nickname for Novak?

Someone suggested “NovaKaine,” which isn’t horrible. Then again, I might just go with “BIIIIIIIINNNNGOOOO!!!” No one I know already has that nickname and someone probably should.