Rasheed Wallace Needs to Play HORSE

I’ve been out of the NBA loop for a few days, but I still don’t believe that TNT has set its lineup of participants for the HORSE contest set to occur at this year’s All-Star Weekend.

But for the love of all things holy, they better at least be sending an Evite to Sheed — something to which I expect he will respond by clicking the “+1” box and writing the comment: “Me and the Ruckus will be there. Bet that.”

Here he is displaying his skills, which include hitting simultaneous threes with both his left and right hands, hitting a rainbow shot from behind the basket frame and hitting really far-away shots. Okay, the first one is really the only impressive one, but it’s pretty awesome. Plus, much like my birthday party and annual Flag Day spectacular, inviting Sheed should just be the default setting for every televised NBA event.

Another guy who definitely should get the nod to display his barnyard shooting contest acumen is Kevin Love aka Klove (help me out here Both Teamsters), who as you can see below would probably dominate the field.

Although, if they invited Thunder Dan Marjele, no one would stand a chance.

UPDATE: In an attempt to keep this thing completely devoid of personality, TNT has chosen Joe Johnson, Kevin Durant and OJ Mayo. (Two-time All-Star Joe Johnson characteristically didn’t even make ESPN’s headline.) These three guys? Really?

This was probably gonna be really boring regardless, but c’mon.