Great Moments in Facial Hair History: Vol. IX

Now normally, I would never do this.

But given the gravity of the how great this might become, I’m gonna go ahead and name a pre-occurrence Great Moment for the following, which unfathomably has the possibility to displace the time someone convinced Rik Smits to shave his bulbous, albino dome as the best Pacers team-bonding idea since the franchise left the ABA. (via Dime)

Mike Dunleavy was able to convince most of his teammates to grow mustaches.

The players involved have until practice Thursday to have their mustaches or to have their beards shaved. [Ed note: that sentence is confusing, but the implication is “shave the rest of your beard by Thursday or we’ll shave it for ya.”] I’m not sure what the consequence is for those who don’t fulfill their end of the deal.

“I’ve never had just a mustache before,” said Troy Murphy, who’s one of the players that has to shave off the rest of his facial hair before Thursday. “I may use some Maybelline and color it in so that it can be nice and dark.”

Foster’s mustache has already grown in. All he needs to do is grow his hair out, put on a skin-tight t-shirt and some tight blue jeans to look like he’s back in the 70’s. Foster, too, said he’s never had a mustache before.

Regardless of whether or not the Indy roster is transformed into the cast of Super Troopers before their next game, Mike Dunleavy, Jr., you are a prince of Maine, a king of New England.

This calls for his theme song.

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