One thought on “Two Out of Three Aint Bad”

  1. I am sitting here with 3 eneevopls in front of me trying to check their validity, one is the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation, P.O. in St. Louis, MO. the other two, The Breast Cancer Project and the National Caregiving Foundation also have St. Louis P.O.’s. Coincidental, I think not, especially when I typed in all 3 and nothing that seemed legit came up. The worst part about these are the hook they pull you in with, no donation required to possibly win a $6500.00 prize. The 86 year old “fish” they are trying to reel in is my father-in-law. He wrote a $10.00 check to each of these crooks in hopes of winning some money. He does this every week, donations to questionable charities, sweepstakes also crooked and phone calls from across the world telling him he’s won hundreds of thousands of dollars. All he has to do is send them a thousand dollar check to secure his prize. We have gone to the attorney general in our state, called the police, everything we can think of to convince him he is being scammed, but he is still looking for that pie in the sky. We are now forced to monitor his mail and checkbook so that he won’t be drained dry of the little bit of money he has for his care. That these people cannot be prosecuted is a mystery to me, how can they operate these toltal scams and get away with it?

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