Eddy Curry Might Counter Sue for Defamation

Predictably, Eddy’s lawyers are talking counter suit after yesterday’s revelations. (via Ball Don’t Lie)

Eddy Curry is considering a defamation suit against his former driver to combat the explosive sexual harassment and racial discrimination accusations levied against the Knicks center, Curry’s lawyer told Newsday yesterday.

“We’re considering any and all legal remedies,” Curry’s Chicago-based lawyer, Kelly Saindon said, “because this is just crazy.”


In addition to potentially suing Kuchinsky for defamation of character, Saindon said she will file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit on the basis that Kuchinsky’s employment contract stated that any workplace disputes would be brought before the American Arbitration Association in Chicago.

“Clearly,” she said, “he didn’t do that.”

Not much else to see here. Move along.

UPDATE: David Lee, Al Harrington and Mike D’Antoni have some comments. And they are of course right and I am of course part of the problem. (via Dime)

(AP Photo/Donna McWilliam)
(AP Photo/Donna McWilliam)