A Photo to Break the YouTube Monotony

I promise an ode to Danny Granger is on the way, but until I find some time, here’s a pic of not my Vydas, not your Vydas, but Jim Beam’s Vydas. (via InterBasket)

I wonder how many drinks it takes to get Mr. Sabonis this bent. For some reference, here’s a tale of the similarly colossus, 7’4, 460-lb Andre the Giant’s epic alcohol tolerance.

Arvydas is on his knees in this photo. And that dude is Jeff Foster. Nice watch, Jeff.

2 thoughts on “A Photo to Break the YouTube Monotony”

  1. I’m sure I read a story about Sabonis during his time with the USSR army, stumbling about after several bottles of vodka, falling through a floor and ripping his Achilles tendon? And still he went on and did OK in the league. Respect to the big man.

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