LeBron and His Chalk

Since I’m a sucker for utilitarianism, here’s a list of 10 better ways that LeBron can use his chalk.

And, yes, this is just an excuse to post this image; thanks for asking.

One thought on “LeBron and His Chalk”

  1. I grew up up in Chicago watching the great bsaaetbkll rivalries develop – the Jordan vs Barkley vs Miller vs Ewing vs anyone else who wanted a ring during those years – so I really, really hate this “Let’s get my ass to a team that is guaranteed to win because every player is a superstar” mentality that is so prevalent in the NBA now. It’s no longer about the one guy, the one star, making the players around him step up their games and become better players and work as a team. So as a Chicagoan who misses those rivalries and who totally wishes Derrick Rose had a Scottie Pippen to his Michael Jordan, I say – fuck you, douchebag LeBron. I’m not normally a bandwagon fan, but I am for the next few weeks for Dallas, and Nowitzki better bring it.

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