Like a Mad Doctor in His Lab, I Stay in the Gym

As always, Both Teams Played Hard is the location for your once-annual Australian League update. It’s that sort of timely, consistent reportage that has made this website the second most popular NBA blog named after a Sheed quote on that entire continent — and number one among Outback Aborigines named Karl.

As for the headline, that’s a quote from the blog of Aussie League extraordinaire Julius Hodge, who was one of the last cuts from the Nets camp in the preseason, about his commitment to return to the NBA.

I’m a man on a mission: I’m really appreciative of the opportunity the Nets offered me and I will love in the near future to be a part of their family. But if it’s not them, maybe another team in the NBA. You know at the end of the day, the goal is to be back there.

He also drops a few thoughts on the Nets season thus far.

I think that Devin Harris is playing tremendous, and if he continues playing this good they will win a lot of games. You didn’t see that coming, huh?

Vince Carter is playing well too, but that’s the type of player he is… He can knock down shots and be a great leader. The sky’s is the limit for them.

I didn’t say they were all good thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Like a Mad Doctor in His Lab, I Stay in the Gym”

  1. They were all good thoughts. He wasn’t saying that it’s a suprise that Devin Harris is playing well, he said that it’s a suprose that the Nets may actually do decent this season. The Nets were projected to be one of the worst teams in the league this year.

  2. “Sky’s is the limit?”

    Even ignoring the grammar, his sky must be lower than the average bear.

    The Nets have looked a lot better than anyone — and certainly myself — expected, however. That’s indeed undeniable.

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