Shaq/Nash vs. Skip/TMac Scuffle Ends in a Draw

This video has poor resolution and will probably be taken down by the proprietary NBA video overlords shortly, but the little scuffle between the Suns and Rockets last night was pretty sweet. (Here’s a second link for when the video below inevitably goes dead. Hat tip to MVNSoccer and Herika.)

Matt Barnes kicks things off with a nice forearm shiver on Rafer when he tries to set a pick — something to which Skip to My Lou takes exception. Then, as those two get in each others’ grills and a crowd begins to form, in flies little Stevie Nash, who is immediately cast aside by a healthy, two-armed TMac shove. Rafer grabs onto a fallen Nash, but just as that’s happening, Shaq says “Alright, you little fuckers,” and discards both Tracy and Yao to the canvass before pushing about six dudes across the entire court in a single, easy motion. Old boy is no joke.

There was no real damage aside from a sizable gash on Nash’s already pocked-up neck, ejections for Rafer and Barnes, and a couple of techs.

Essentially, good times all around.

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