Carnival of the NBA #61

The Carnival of the NBA is a semi-regular celebration to honor the greatness of the Ballersphere and commemorate the Association, teams and players that we serve. Of course, all sports have their own blogosphere, but from what I’ve seen, none of the others are even close to that which covers the NBA.

So today, we will count the ways in which the Ballersphere is great while assigning those numbers to the players we praise and loathe the most, and along the way, we will collect links to the biggest and best related stories so far from this young season.

Of course, here we are on my site, but this is meant to be a celebration of everyone else out there that is doing great work everyday — and most of all, the NBA itself

In short, and sticking with the current mantra of our soon-to-be leader, Carnival of the NBA #61 is not about me; it is about you

Let’s get after it.

#0 – Gilbert Arenas

In honor of the original Black President, the most staggeringly phenomenal NBA blog in the history of Western Civilization presents this unprecedentedly amazing breakdown of the best NBA-related reactions to Obama’s election.

#1 – Amare Stoudamire

In honor of the guy who has put up the best individual performance of the young season, the Suns official blog presents the argument that it was not only the best night of Amare’s career, but also the best game any Sun has ever played — a statement that while possibly true, would probably provoke Chuckster into more than one tuurrible.

#2 – Jason Kidd

In honor of the much-maligned point guard who still looked pretty damn good on opening night, Ball Don’t Lie presents a throw-back look to JKidd’s shocking dialogue with Rod Thorn as a reminder of the Ballersphere’s infinite upside.

#3 – Chris Paul

In honor of this year’s most likely MVP (my Carnival…no arguing), NBA FanHouse presents its Valley of the Most Likely.

#4 – Chris Bosh

In honour of the best player in America, Jr., Raptors Republic presents both this announcement of its Voltronesque assemblage of most things Barney and, most impressively, its Stat-O-Meter 3000, which has allowed me to feed my Jalen Rose obsession to an unhealthy degree.

#5 – Josh Smith

In honor of the NBA player who may most resemble a dude from in a video game, A Stern Warning presents a nice interview with a gaming expert about NBA Live 09 and NBA 2K9.

#6 – Jermaine O’Neal

In honour the newest North of the Border baller, Raptors HQ presents a look at why, despite Detroit’s cap-clearing moves to entice him in 2010, Jermaine’s co-Twin Tower Chris Bosh aint necessarily going anywhere.

#7 – Chauncey Billups

In honor of the Big Shot point guard who was the co-centerpiece of the biggest November trade I can recall, 20 Second Timeout presents a great break-down, TrueHoop presents the genius of Joe Dumars, The Hoop Doctors present the humorous AI to MoTown press conference and Give Me The Rock presents the fantasy implications.

#8 – Deron Williams

In honor of the point guard that will push him past 1,050 next spring, All That Jazz presents its commemoration of Jerry Sloan’s thousandth win.

#9 – Rajon Rondo

In honor of the first ring-wearing member of the next generation of great point guards, Red’s Army presents Rajon Rondo’s primary reason for wanting to win back-to-back titles: Kicking it at Obama’s house.

#10 – Leandro Barbosa

In honor of the fastest Brazilian ball-handler on the planet, The Macrophenomenal Basketball Almanac presents my favorite illustration from Free Darko’s new book, although the Groundhog Day depiction ranks a close second.

#11 – Yao Ming

In honor of the Great Wall, Tirico Suave presents the Skee-Lo/Yao mash-up of hilarity and Sports Agent Blog presents Baron Davis’ decision to represent Chinese brand Li Ning instead of Nike.

#12 – Dwight Howard

In honor of the most athletic freak of nature on this planet, Dwight Howard presents his blog, which may have leap-frogged Hibachi’s thing to become the must-read NBA player blog.

#13 – Steve Nash

In honor of the two-time MVP-winner, Dime presents The Spokesman.

#14 – Jameer Nelson

In honor of the embattled Magic point-guard most fans in Disney World wish was Penny (or even Scott Skiles), Third Quarter Collapse presents this fantastic post on the Magic’s zany, throw-back photo-shoot recalling its lone Finals appearance.

(Phot: Gary W. Green, Orlando Sentinel)
(Photo: Gary W. Green, Orlando Sentinel)

#15 – Vince Carter

In honor of the best dunker of all-time, What If Sports and the Bleacher Report present a new feature where anyone can create their own personal “All-Anything NBA Team,” such as this All In-Your-Face Disgrace Team of the best dunkers of all time — although what Nique is doing on the bench, I have zero idea.

#16 – Pau Gasol

In honor of one-half of the brotherhood of the traveling European big men who look comical, Ballin’ Europe, which I consider the best Euroleague blog around, presents this highly comical audio mash-up mocking the absurdity of the league’s announcers.

#17 – Anderson Varejao

In honor of a guy who makes a mockery of the rulebook nightly with his FIFA impressions, And One presents this Wayback Machine account of a time when the rules of basketball mandated the game to begin as if it was dodgeball.

#18 – Sasha Vujacic

In honor of the League’s most effeminate player, Hooped Up presents the Lakers Cleavage Cam.

#19 – Beno Udrih

In honor of a guy who entered the “I suckered some idiot GM to give me waaaay too much money” club this summer, BallerBlogger presents a chart of how notable NBA multi-millionaires will likely be taxed by the new president that most of them supported — and, no, you cannot change your votes, KG and Tracy.

#20 – Gary Payton

In honor of the best player to ever play for the defunct Supersonics, Deadspin presents this poignant Letter of NBA Fan Resignation from one of its Seattle readers. Hardwood Paroxysm also presents this sensational poem from Rod Benson that I’ll put here since it mentions GP and I have nowhere else to put it. (All you need to know is that this is one of the rhyming couplets: “If I was Gary Payton on a hoop version of Flavor of Love/She could get a one on one dinner with me, The Glove.”)

#21 – Thaddeus Young

In honor of a guy that I think is way better than he probably is and who happens to have the inverse number of Skip to My Lou, Slam presents a video of Rafer getting arrested that I probably think is way more hilarious than it actually is.

#22 – Sheldon Williams

In honor of the ugliest man on the planet, ShamSports, the world’s ugliest NBA website presents wife beaters, drunks, tokers, thieves, johns, head coaches gone wild and, my personal favorite, owners with boners.

#23 – LeBron James

In honor of King James, FreeDarko presents the king of all preseason prognostications with its Every Game Preview.

#24 – Kobe Bryant

In honor of Mamba, “ShaquilleONeal” presents the “Twitter page” of his ass-flavor-inquiring BFF.

#25 – Al Jefferson

In honor of the 23-year-old 20/10 beast that no one seems to give a damn about, TWolves Blog presents its treatise about the team no one gives a damn about.

#26 – Kyle Korver

In honor of one of only five “180 shooters” in the NBA last season, Hoops Addict presents a plug for a site that will help you join this elite marksman club, something traditionally reserved for guys who shoot 40% from three, 50% from the floor and 90% from the line.

#27 – Zaza Pachulia

In honor of the reserve Hawks center who is clearly the most likely dude in the league to play a crazed, ether-induced, Deer Hunter-esque game of Russian roulette in Saigon with Vinny Del Negro, Blog A Bull presents a look at the team’s now-Hinrich-less rotation.

#28 – Sam Cassell

In honor of an NBA player who literally has nothing to do, Examiner presents the argument that the Celtics are now so good that they’re boring to a degree that is turning the team’s loyal bloggers into Maytag repairmen.

#29 – Alando Tucker

In honor of a guy who might be the only NBA player with this jersey number and who happens to be a teammate of Steve Nash who is himself coincidentally a guy many people forget is not from the United States much like Tim Duncan is not technically from any of the 50 states either, The Blowtorch presents an amazing In-depth Conversation Betwixt Mad Men’s Don Draper and Tim Duncan.

#30 – Rasheed Wallace

In honor of the man without whom Both Teams Played Hard would never have been possible, our brethren-in-Sheed (our Sheedren, if you will) Ball Don’t Lie and Need4Sheed present their remarkable season previews and multi-angle looks at an Arron Afflalo dunk, respectively. In true Sheedren spirit, Need4Sheed also presents the unparalleled greatness that is this and this.

#31 – Reggie Miller

In honor of both me and Indy Cornrows (who narrowly squeaked out a victory for best Pacers blog in a recent vote run-off of the best team-specific NBA blogs) being just about the only Pacers fans around these parts and neither of us having a single decent NBA memory since this video was shot, I present the only way this Carnival could end: a final pause in the action for one last extended round of applause for all of yall who make the Ballersphere the best of its kind.

Kudos, ladies and gents.

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