Larry Brown to Sean May: “No Fatties”

Sean May has been deactivated from the Bobcats roster cause he can’t make weight.

Says Next Town Brown:

“Right now I don’t think he’s ready to play at all,” coach Larry Brown said Saturday. “I think he’s trying, but I don’t think he’s in the kind of shape to be able to compete on this level and do all the things he’s capable of doing.”

May agrees:

“I’ve got to get in better shape. I’ve got to get in better condition,” May said. “I haven’t played in so long that, boom, it’s hit me smack dab in the face. I’m picking up some early fouls due to being out of position. My timing is a little off. Now, here in a week we’re getting ready to play, so I’ve got to do a lot of work.”

I dunno…he looks fit as a fiddle to me.

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